SpaceX Rocket Launch

View Rocket Launches During Your Visit to Orlando

Tips & Ideas

There are plenty of benefits to visting Central Florida and staying in a vacation home rental: the beautiful winter weather, the proximity to the ocean, even the friendliness of the people who make Orlando and the surrounding areas their home add to the wonders that make our little corner of the world even more paradise-like. But there’s one more exciting benefit to living in the Sunshine State of Florida that you may not have thought of when you began planning your Orlando getaway—a ringside seat in the exploration of space! Cape Canaveral is just 50 short miles away from our hometown and being able to watch the rockets as they blast into space is an experience you will never forget! This guide to the best ways to view the rocket launches will ensure your fantastic Florida furlough is a stellar one!

Over Drinks at Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

Offering a rooftop patio to watch the big show, the drinks and sushi featured at Morimoto Asia are guaranteed to put you in a mellow mood! And even though you are 18 miles away from the launch zone, as the vessel flies high in the sky, you can still feel the shaking of the earth and hear the roar of the rocket’s boosters!

From SeaWorld’s Sky Tower

Seeing the rocket’s red glare from 400 feet up in the sky is probably one of the coolest ways to watch! Planning ahead is important in this case, as you’ll have to arrange to be in the park and up at the top of the tower, so checking the Kennedy Center’s website for launch times will help make sure that you are as close to the stars as you can be for this momentous occasion!

From Space View Park in Titusville

Located just about 40 miles or so from your luxurious Vacome home, Space View Park is designed to give the best viewing of the launches (outside of Cape Canaveral itself, of course!) as it only 15 miles from the site. Dedicated to the heroes who risk their lives to continue the exploration of the final frontier, park guests can check out the handprints of astronauts, read about their heroics, and explore the statues and artwork dispersed throughout the park. Get there early on the day of a launch to stake your spot for the fiery show in the skies!

From Your Vacome Home Backyard

While not as close as the spots we have listed above, it’s entirely possible to see the launch from the backyard of one of our florida vacation homes! Lounge poolside with a drink in hand as you watch the rocket ascending to the heavens! Reserve your stay with us today and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!