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3 Tips for Traveling Light in Orlando

As much as we love vacations, making our way through the airport laden down with heavy luggage is a chore we often wish we could avoid. We keep our fingers crossed as the airline clerk weighs our bags and dread running from gate to gate with heavy carry-ons stuffed full of everything we might possibly need on the plane. We know all the tips to travel light, and although we don’t always follow our own advice, these three tips we are offering our guests may be exactly what you need to enjoy every second of your travels without all the hassle!

Pack a Single Pair of Shoes

Wearing your comfortable walking shoes will ease your airport woes, and if you bring just one other pair of shoes, you should be ready for whatever occasion arises! This is a trip to Florida, not a meet and greets with royalty, and as such comfort matters more than style! You can roll up your tee shirts and tuck your undergarments into tight corners, but shoes just take up space, defeating the purpose of traveling light!

Purchase the Necessities in Town

We always love another excuse to shop, and by waiting to purchase your necessities when you arrive, you may also save money. Your Vacome luxury rental comes equipped with a starter kit, our homes even provide all the big gear your baby needs, should you be traveling with infants or toddlers, including a pack n’ play and high chair.

No Electronics Needed

Many of our homes are more than just a place to rest your head; they offer everything you need to enjoy a full-fledged vacation without having to leave the property! These entertainment “meccas” come with arcade games, video game consoles, pool, ping pong, and air hockey tables, and as if that weren’t enough, many offer theater rooms with screens that can reach up to 180 inches in size! Surround sound gives listeners the true concert experience without hiding behind headphones and included Wi-Fi allows guests to stay up to date on their social network sites.

Fully Equipped

Finally, staying in one of our comfortable and luxurious Vacome homes makes it easy to travel light as they are fully equipped for your convenience. Gourmet kitchens allow you to whip together a batch of margaritas, or if you are in the baking mood, some of your favorite chocolate chip cookies. Fully equipped laundry rooms will come with small boxes of detergent, irons, and ironing boards, so you can pack less and leave room for the souvenirs you’re sure to load up with during your stay!

Vacome is the Only Way to Live

Enjoy a trip unburdened by excess when you stay with Vacome Luxury Rentals in Orlando. Reserve your luxury escape today!

Activities in Orlando for a Solo Traveler

There comes a time in every person’s life where they learn one very important fact: being alone doesn’t have to mean you are lonely. You learn to appreciate moments both large and small and you start to fall in love with someone very important—yourself! Dining out alone offers people-watching opportunities. Hiking alone offers the chance to see things you might have missed if you were with other people. And traveling to new places gives you the chance to see the world on your own terms. If your solo journey is bringing you to Orlando in the very near future, this guide to activities for those traveling without others will ensure that every minute of your stay is filled with fun, excitement, and wonder!

A View from the Sky

As a first-time visitor to Orlando, you may be unsure as to where to start your adventure. There is so much to do and see here that it can be a bit overwhelming, so we advise you to start from the top and work your way down! A ride on Icon Orlando, our 400-foot-tall Ferris wheel located in the middle of it all, will offer views you will fall in love with. While you’re there, why not make a day of it and visit the Orlando Aquarium and Madame Tussauds Orlando Wax Museum as well? Daredevils may want to do a little swinging; the Orlando Starflyer, also a part of Icon, is the world’s tallest swing, topping out at 450 feet in the sky!

Shopping Solo

Let’s face it, you don’t need extra people slowing you down as you work out your credit cards in the stores of Orlando! This is something you always do better alone and the shops in the Millenia Mall are waiting for you! For those looking for something more than a mall store, something a little more whimsical and out of the ordinary, Etoile Boutique, on Robinson Street, the Owl’s Attic on Corrine Drive, and Something Different on Orange Avenue, offer a choice selection of vintage, eclectic, and funky!

For the Love of Art

There’s plenty of opportunities to explore the artistic side of Orlando during your solo journey, and one of our favorite places to visit on a quiet, rainy day is the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art! The Tiffany stained glass pieces you find there will brighten up the gloomiest days and perhaps inspire you to take some classes on this art form once you return to real life.

Whatever You Like

Our point is hopefully quite clear: The solo traveler can do anything a family or couple can do! And if you want your vacation to be superior, a stay in one of our Vacome homes will be the cherry on the top of your very delicious sundae. Reserve yours today!

View Rocket Launches During Your Visit to Orlando

There are plenty of benefits to visting Central Florida and staying in a vacation home rental: the beautiful winter weather, the proximity to the ocean, even the friendliness of the people who make Orlando and the surrounding areas their home add to the wonders that make our little corner of the world even more paradise-like.

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Our Corporate Rentals In Orlando Are Perfect For Your Retreat

Plan the Perfect Corporate Retreat to Orlando

As you sit in your office, enjoying the view of employees working diligently together to ensure that your company stays the success you’ve all made it, the thought may cross your mind that you should probably do something to thank them for all they have contributed over the years.

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How To Pack Lightly For Your Hiking Adventures

Orlando is not only the Theme Park Capital of the World but also a great destination for hikers of all abilities. There are dozens of popular trails in or near to the city.
If you’re fascinated by nature and the Everglades, you can enjoy a variety of day hikes through The Disney Wilderness Preserve.

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Why Orlando Vacation Rentals are Better Than a Hotel Stay | Vacome Luxury Rentals

Why Choose Our Orlando Area Vacation Rentals Over a Hotel Stay?

When it comes to vacationing, many people automatically default to a hotel for their accommodations, for reasons that are only known to them. Perhaps it’s the comfort of the familiar, the appeal of what appears to be a good deal, or because more hotels have commercials than vacation rentals, but whatever the case is, if a hotel stay has always been your modus operandi, let us change your mind with a few facts. These reasons for choosing our Orlando area vacation rentals over a hotel may just surprise you very much!

Room to Breathe

Remember that last vacation you spent in a hotel? Five family members crammed into one room, fighting over television shows, thermostat settings, and worst of all, bathroom time! When you rent from Vacome, most of our homes have multiple televisions and bathrooms; you may still fight over thermostat settings, but your temperamental teens will still have a door to slam in their own room when they lose the argument!

Hotels Save Money? We Don’t Think So!

Here’s the deal: That $100 a night hotel room may appear to fit in your tight vacation budget, but does it really? What most websites don’t tell you about until AFTER you’ve rented the room are the different fees associated with the room. From resort fees to parking fees to you’re breathing too much of our oxygen fees, the hits keep coming! And when you consider the cost of feeding five people three times a day, well, the costs can be exorbitant! Our Vacome homes come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing our guests to choose which meals they eat at restaurants and which ones they can whip up themselves!

Privacy Matters

More people crammed into one bedroom means less chances for privacy. Hearing your neighbors fighting (or worse!) through the paper-thin walls eliminates any chance of deep sleep, as do the doors slamming up and down the halls and the drunk giggles and conversations of guests who are on the wrong floor! Swimming in a pool or soaking in a hot tub with complete strangers offers no appeal, but when you stay with Vacome, your privacy and comfort are our top concerns. Rent a home with a private pool and hot tub and shut the door to the outside world every night; the sturdy construction of our luxurious escapes will keep you from hearing anything other than the soft snores of your partner sleeping beside you!

The Choice is Clear

We’re thinking we have you convinced; staying in a Vacome vacation escape will be the highlight of your Orlando getaway—reserve yours today!
This type of home appeals to a very particular traveler, and if you think it fits you like a glove, book it today; it’s not going to be available forever! Visit our website now to secure your stay!

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Unique Packages with Select Massage

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Orlando as a Honeymoon Destination

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