RVH_001 Luxury Living in Reunion Resort

Luxurious Property Features Available from Vacome


A vacation experienced from the comfort of one of our luxurious Vacome homes is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. We offer more than just a place to lay your head after a long day of sightseeing and exploring; we offer an extension of your vacation adventures and the opportunity to feel spoiled and pampered! Gone are the days of cramming your entire family into one room, where the only activity available is running back and forth from the ice and vending machines during a stay in a hotel. These luxurious property features available from Vacome ensure that EVERY minute of your fabulous Florida getaway is filled with fun and excitement!

Designed for Your Indulgence

From the smallest condo to the largest estate, our Vacome homes are designed for the ultimate indulgences in life. Built of high-end materials and filled with luxury furnishings and appliances, every detail is important. Kitchens that are large and cheerful contain appliances that every home chef dreams of having in their own kitchens. Living areas feature supersized televisions, plush sofas and chairs, and perhaps a library of books or games to keep occupants entertained, even during their quiet moments. Bedrooms with soft beds and cozy linens mean closing the doors to the rest of the world at the end of each day is a treat that can never be underestimated!

And then there are the extra luxuries you won’t find in ordinary hotels or even ordinary vacation rentals; game rooms with arcade games, game consoles, and full-sized pool or foosball tables are just the start! Each home contains something unique, something different, and although not all homes will contain all these extras, most will contain at least one or two luxury appointments. A secret playroom in one, Disney themed bedrooms in most, fitness rooms, and theater rooms in more than a few!

Multiple master suites allow multiple guests to share a home without anyone feeling slighted, and in a few of our Vacome homes, guests will find two laundry rooms as well! Outside, screened-in yards may offer pools that can be heated and private spillover spas, outdoor kitchens with tiki bars and plenty of seating for an evening meal al fresco, and maybe a poolside basketball hoop for endless hours of fun in the pool!

Access to all resort amenities is standard in our luxurious properties, and that includes waterslides, any onsite restaurants, sports courts, and in some cases, day spas designed to spoil and pamper! You could spend your entire vacation without leaving the resort and not feel as is you missed out on a thing, but because most of our homes are within a short distance of Disney World, we’re thinking you will probably venture out more than a few times during your stay!

Our Business is Making You Happy

Whether it’s providing easy access to the best attractions in Central Florida or delivering a comfortable and memorable rental experience, we strive to put our guests first. Reserve one of our Vacome homes today and discover what a luxury vacation is all about!