Group Booking Vacation Rentals in the Orlando Area

What if you need to book more than one property but would like to stay close or next door to friends or family? One of the benefits of booking with Vacome is that we have multiple vacation rentals both in the Orlando area, and in each resort!

Many are on the same street or even next door to one another. You may be traveling with a large group, or perhaps your party prefers to stay in separate units. Vacome has villas and condos next door or in close proximity for vacationers traveling in groups.

How about a luxury condo? Do you want the extra privacy? We have many neighboring condos.

Our knowledgeable reservations team are happy to help.

Call our dedicated reservations team to find out what properties are currently available and suited for group bookings. Our office is within minutes of all of our vacation rental properties and our team knows each property intimately. They are happy to assist you in finding vacation properties best suited for your needs. (855) 661-3700

Group Bookings

As one of the premier providers of vacation rentals, temporary luxury residences, and corporate getaway venues in Central Florida, Vacome makes it easy to book all of your lodging and accommodation needs for large group travel. As private property managers, we offer a wide selection of rental properties in prestigious communities and resorts across the region, with multiple units in each. That means that whether you want to book one mini-mansion with 8 bedrooms so your party can stay together under one roof, or if you prefer to reserve three adjacent private residences for your entire party, the choice – and the options – are all yours!

Our Offerings

Vacome offers multiple vacation rentals in every community and resort that we serve in the Orlando area. Our largest offerings can easily accommodate 22-30 adults (our 9 bedroom, 8.5 bath mansions at Formosa Gardens have to be seen to be believed), but we also feature neighboring houses if you prefer more privacy. All of our properties are just minutes away from the theme parks and attractions of Orlando, meaning you get the ultimate combination of convenience, comfort, and value.

Windsor at Westside

Boasting a beautiful pool and community clubhouse, this charming resort community features 9 different 6+ bedroom rentals, including five adjacent units just a quarter-mile from the entertainment complex. These luxury Windsor at Westside homes offer sumptuous furnishings, a beautiful foyer, elegant dens, and entertaining areas, multiple master suites, and themed kids’ rooms. Game rooms boast the latest in multimedia and home entertainment, including video game consoles, billiards, and arcade games.

Reunion Resort

Another of our popular resort communities with its own golf courses, restaurants, community pools, and much more, we are proud to offer beautiful properties ranging from 5 to 14 bedrooms at Legend’s Corner at Reunion Resort. For convenience, many of these are available as bundled rentals meaning your entire group can travel in style, and save. Here you can have an extended family reunion under one roof, reserve multiple homes in the same peaceful cul-de-sac neighborhoods for your traveling sports team, or have your corporate retreat at adjacent mini-mansions that you can turn into one giant enclave of togetherness, fun, and productivity thanks to on-site meeting rooms, office space, and theater rooms tailor-made for presentations and training sessions.

At Vacome, we are proud to offer a diverse lineup of incredible luxury homes, sure to meet the unique needs of your traveling group. Contact our skilled and expert representatives today to discuss your needs and find the perfect large-group booking for your next exciting trip to Orlando.