Disney Springs Food Trucks

Disney Springs Food Trucks As our worlds evolve, there are more than a few things we’ve learned that makes life that much simpler: gray hair can be beautiful, men can be stay-at-home dads, and gourmet meals can be found on food trucks! Gone forever is the stigma of construction site food of questionable standards; today’s … Continue reading Disney Springs Food Trucks

I Drive Orlando

I Drive Orlando Visiting someplace you’ve never been to before can be a mixed blessing. It’s always exciting and wonderful seeing someplace new, but in bigger cities like Orlando, it can be a bit stressful finding your way around or even knowing what to do while you’re there! While many people plan a visit to … Continue reading I Drive Orlando

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center There are many things to love about our beautiful and exotic state. From the sandy beaches and warm weather to the theme parks and friendly people, Florida is a place that is unique in its wonder. And one of our favorite things we love about our home state is the realization that … Continue reading Kennedy Space Center

Orlando from Above

Orlando from Above Orlando is a magical city. And it’s not just because of all the theme parks recreating the fairytales that pretty much formed your childhood. The city is always vibrant, bustling with life, and it offers fun, joy, and entertainment to visitors all year round. But sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with so … Continue reading Orlando from Above

Orlando in May

Orlando in May Everything is great in May; there’s fewer crowds, great weather, and amazing local festivities. And best of all, you can get great discounts at all the major attractions in the city. If you have been to Orlando before, you’ll probably know how great it is not standing in long queues in front … Continue reading Orlando in May