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Why Orlando Vacation Rentals are Better Than a Hotel Stay | Vacome Luxury Rentals

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Why Choose Our Orlando Area Vacation Rentals Over a Hotel Stay?

When it comes to vacationing, many people automatically default to a hotel for their accommodations, for reasons that are only known to them. Perhaps it’s the comfort of the familiar, the appeal of what appears to be a good deal, or because more hotels have commercials than vacation rentals, but whatever the case is, if a hotel stay has always been your modus operandi, let us change your mind with a few facts. These reasons for choosing our Orlando area vacation rentals over a hotel may just surprise you very much!

Room to Breathe

Remember that last vacation you spent in a hotel? Five family members crammed into one room, fighting over television shows, thermostat settings, and worst of all, bathroom time! When you rent from Vacome, most of our homes have multiple televisions and bathrooms; you may still fight over thermostat settings, but your temperamental teens will still have a door to slam in their own room when they lose the argument!

Hotels Save Money? We Don’t Think So!

Here’s the deal: That $100 a night hotel room may appear to fit in your tight vacation budget, but does it really? What most websites don’t tell you about until AFTER you’ve rented the room are the different fees associated with the room. From resort fees to parking fees to you’re breathing too much of our oxygen fees, the hits keep coming! And when you consider the cost of feeding five people three times a day, well, the costs can be exorbitant! Our Vacome homes come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing our guests to choose which meals they eat at restaurants and which ones they can whip up themselves!

Privacy Matters

More people crammed into one bedroom means less chances for privacy. Hearing your neighbors fighting (or worse!) through the paper-thin walls eliminates any chance of deep sleep, as do the doors slamming up and down the halls and the drunk giggles and conversations of guests who are on the wrong floor! Swimming in a pool or soaking in a hot tub with complete strangers offers no appeal, but when you stay with Vacome, your privacy and comfort are our top concerns. Rent a home with a private pool and hot tub and shut the door to the outside world every night; the sturdy construction of our luxurious escapes will keep you from hearing anything other than the soft snores of your partner sleeping beside you!

The Choice is Clear

We’re thinking we have you convinced; staying in a Vacome vacation escape will be the highlight of your Orlando getaway—reserve yours today!
This type of home appeals to a very particular traveler, and if you think it fits you like a glove, book it today; it’s not going to be available forever! Visit our website now to secure your stay!