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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando is always an amazing place to visit. Animals from all over the world, incredible shows, learning experiences, and a unique environment. It allows for a journey into the animal kingdom that you cannot find anywhere else. But the park takes on a whole new life during their special celebration of The Lion King and the Circle of Life.

An Amazing Occasion

This is a celebration of the years that the classic film The Lion King has captivated audiences. While those who love the movie will absolutely love this event, you are sure to find joy here. Even if the movie does not hold a special place in your heart.  It is an experience propelled forward with incredible music, sights, dancing, and countless other performances.

The most exciting of the celebrations is the Festival of the Lion King. This is a 30-minute show that blends your favorite characters from the film with amazing dances, powerful music, and captivating color displays. Watch as the ‘monkeys’ perform gravity-defying trampoline acrobatics. The ‘lions’ exquisitely sing classic songs, and the ‘giraffes’ perform intricate dances upon stilts. The Festival of the Lion King has become one of the most popular in all the Disney resorts for its ingenuity and highly skilled nature.

Another great way to celebrate the circle of life in the Animal Kingdom is to take part in the Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party beginning on January 18th. The heartbeat of this party is supplied by the Caribbean street band as they put a unique twist on your favorite Disney classics. Bring the whole family to enjoy dancing, games, refreshments, and much more. Put it all together and you have a celebration of the circle of life that you will not soon forget.

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