The Best Water Rides in Orlando

The Best Water Rides in Orlando | Water Parks in Orlando

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The Best Water Rides in Orlando

There is no shortage of fun in Orlando. You can find it amidst the one of a kind culture, throughout beautiful surrounding areas, and on the world-famous golf courses. But no matter how many different ways you look at it, it all circles back to the amusement parks. There are amusement parks delving into every possible interest from fantasy to natural wonders and everything in between. As summer is rolling around, many people will choose to take advantage of the city’s amazing water parks. The following are some of the very best water rides in the city.

Splash Mountain

After all these years, this classic still sets the standard for water rides. It starts with a slow float through the caverns, which take you through the story of how Brer Rabbit left home. Amazing music and incredible productions keep you entertained throughout this cool stretch on the hottest summer days. Finally, the ride climaxes with a 52-foot drop that will leave you drenched. You can find this famous ride in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Quest for Chi

This is the one for those looking to get drenched, as you can choose how wet you get. You can maneuver around the boat to get into or out of the splash zone, so it is perfect for everyone. This is an incredible experience because it offers a fun ride and a chance to get involved with water cannons. You can propel water at other boats on the ride or try to soak onlookers of the event. Find it at LEGOLAND in Orlando.

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

This is the perfect ride for those hot Orlando days, as you are guaranteed a good soaking. This fun and colorful ride provides many amazing sights through calm stretches along with moments of great adrenaline. It culminates in a 75-foot drop among whitewater rapids. This is certainly the most impressive drop you will find in Orlando, and it is waiting for you at The Islands of Adventure Theme Park.

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