Shingle Creek Regional Park

Shingle Creek Regional Park

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Shingle Creek Regional Park

You are planning a week-long vacation in Disney World and you want to break up your trip with a day exploring the area around the park. Why not visit Shingle Creek Regional Park which is at the headwaters of the Florida Everglades? Shingle Creek is made up of a variety of properties and parcels. Activities in the park include hiking, boating and bird watching. It is home to some endangered species.

Properties at the Park

There are currently five properties at Shingle Creek that are open to visitors.

The Ruba Property offers a beautiful view of the water and is a great place to see wildlife. There are several hiking trails on the property as well as a pavilion. There is a playground for restless youngsters and you can spend some time there because they do have bathrooms.

The Bass Road location offers an important sanctuary for the gopher tortoise, which is an endangered species. This fascinating creature is critical to our ecosystem because it digs holes that provide a home for some 360 species. This property has a hiking trail with exercise equipment.

The Steffee Landing properties offer a glimpse into the past with The Shingle Creek Cabin, which is a restored hunting and fishing getaway. Here you can fish, hike, and go for a paddle boat ride. It is not necessarily the best place to get away from it all, because you will find vending machines, boat rentals, and a paddling center at this location.

Steffee Homestead was built in 1911 after Mollie and Judson Steffee’s original house burned down. The property will give you the opportunity to see how the house was constructed and how they lived in those days. There are several hiking trails around the area.

Babbs Landing is a property where you can see structures from different time periods in the county. You can see a Cracker House, which is a wooden structure surrounded by verandas. There is also a restored general store. You may see a bald eagle or an Eastern bluebird if you bring your binoculars. There is a multi-use trail here as well as a wildlife viewing area.

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