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Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

There are endless unique places to visit throughout Orlando, from Walt Disney World to LEGOLAND. Places like this get all of the press, but they are sure to not provide as unique of an experience as you will find at the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium. This is not simply a place where you can see the wonders of the ocean world that lies beneath us; you can immerse yourself in this world! A more wondrous experience cannot be imagined.

Amazing Sights to See

Here, they offer one of the most expansive collections of sea creatures you will find anywhere in the world, housing everything from classic sea turtles to some of the most mysterious creatures in the world. Now, you can see them closer than ever before; sharks, seahorses, jelly fish, lion fish, and countless other animals have never been so accessible. The most amazing sight you will find here is in the 360-degree sea tunnel where the world of the ocean is happening all around you. Walking through this tunnel provides for one of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences you will ever have. At any time, you can also find very rare exhibits like the current exhibit exploring the super powers of the Axolotl, “The Last Dragons.” Explore these amphibians’ ability to regrow entire limbs when they are lost.

Amazing Activities to Do

This is not simply a place where you can look at some of the most incredible creatures in the world. You get to experience life from their perspective. The first way that this is brought to visitors is through live feedings and talks about the ways these animals live and the places in which they live. If you want to learn more about these animals and how they are cared for here, you can take advantage of many different behind the scenes tour experiences. You can learn from the divers that encounter these animals up close, discover the details of caring for over 5,000 exotic sea creatures, and so much more. While there is no food available at the attraction, there are countless amazing places to grab a bite and drink just outside the doors.

Simply put, this is one of the most amazing places that you could possibly visit during your time in Orlando. Not only does it provide fun and beauty, but an educational experience that provides every visitor with a new perspective. You can get a ticket for as low as $25, with special packages increasing in price from there. You can enjoy this amazing world from 10 am to 9 pm, every day of the week, and you can find it at 8449 International Drive.