Access to Amenities in Reunion Resort

Whilst you are staying in Reunion all of your party will be able to use the majority of the Resort’s amenities such as; 6 swimming pools, children’s activity program, bike hire, a boutique spa, on-site restaurants and bars.

Swimming Pools

The primary pool in the resort is located in the heart of the resort at Seven Eagles, close to the condo communities. With two relaxing Jacuzzis and plenty of poolside seating, the Seven Eagles Pool is the most popular one within the resort. You can enjoy poolside refreshments and dining at the Cove Bar and Grill, with a full bar, and a full menu with salads, sandwiches, snacks, and smoothies.

Reunion Map

Un-restricted access to the following pools:

Unrestricted Pools

Optional Access to the following pools is available via house guest registration:

Optional Pools

In order to access the optional additional amenities in the resort, such as the 5 additional pools and the Water Park, tennis courts, or golf, you will need to be registered as a house guest. To access these amenities, all guests over the age of two will need a guest pass. You can register in advance to use these additional amenities for a fee if the property you have reserved for has Resort Membership.

reunion resort membership

Once guests are registered, they will have simultaneous access to these additional amenities on the date chosen. For instance, if some of your party wanted to play golf while the rest wanted to spend time at the water park, they could do so at the same time. You could also golf in the morning and then go to the water park in the afternoon.

All Reunion property owners who have membership are given a limited number of days they can appoint to house guests. Due to this, the house guest registration is not for your entire stay, just for the specific date(s) you choose to access the additional amenities. Typically, we can allocate 1 day of access to these amenities per week of stay.

The cost of registration is $25 for up to 8 guests, for one day, while additional guests after the first 8 will each incur a $5 registration fee on top of the initial $25 fee. If there are additional days available, they can be purchased for the same fees as the first day. The Resort rules require you to register your desired date(s) at least 5 business days before your arrival. If the guest does not give a notice 5 business days prior an additional late fee of $25 by the resort will apply. Any changes to guest names submitted after the 5 business day deadline will incur a fee of $10 per change by the resort. All registration fees above will have tax on top.

Swimming Pool

Once you have paid for registration and chosen your date(s) guests will be able to use the Water Park for your chosen day(s) for a fee of $15 each for adults (18+) and $10 each for children (2-17), which is payable at the entrance of the water park. The water park is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Weather Permitting).


To play Tennis there is a $20 court fee, Once you have the house guest registration in place please call the resorts Tennis pro-shop on 407 662 1630 to confirm the price and reserve a court.


To play Golf there are additional green fees of $100 during low season (Jun to Dec) and $160 during peak season (Jan to May), as these can be subject to change please call the resorts Golf pro-shop on 407-396-3199 for current rates. Golf tee times can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.

If we are not sent your dates in time we will not be able to register you. Once registered, your dates cannot be changed, credited or reissued even if the water park is closed or you choose not to collect or use the passes.

Collection of House Guest Cards
Passes should be collected from the Membership Office located in the Grande, which is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. House guests arriving Saturday evening through Monday morning may pick up their House guest cards at the front desk in the Grande. Photograph identification will be required from one adult in the party to pick up the House guest Cards.

All House guest adults must show their House guest Card and photo ID for access to the Reunion golf courses, tennis facility or additional pools including the water park.

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