Pandora The World of Avatar Orlando

Pandora: The World of Avatar


Orlando offers countless ways to spend a day, especially if you want to visit a world-class theme park. It seems there is always something new to enjoy popping up around Orlando’s many theme parks. One of the newest and most exciting attractions in the city is Pandora The World of Avatar in Walt Disney World. This new attraction provides fun, beauty, and an overall unique experience for people of all ages.

About the Park

This area of the park is modeled after the magical world of Pandora portrayed in the movie, Avatar. It is a great theme for a park because of its unique beauty and culture. Simply walking about and enjoying the sights and experiences of Pandora can provide for an entire day of fun. One of the most beautiful areas in Pandora is The Valley of Mo’ara. Throughout the journey where you get to explore floating mountains, glowing vegetation, drum circles, and manor more experiences while getting a little bit of exercise from the hiking involved.

Apart from the incredible beauty of this area of the park, visitors can enjoy a few unique rides offering thrills as well as casual fun. One of your favorite experiences is sure to come from the Avatar Flight of Passage ride. This 3D journey takes riders on an amazing journey through Pandora’s amazing landscape, under floating mountains, through sparkling forest, and more, all atop the backs of one of the flying Mountain Banshees from the movie. For something a bit more casual but equally as captivating, try the Na’vi River Journey, in which you float through the film’s incredible bioluminescent rainforest.

You couldn’t exactly call it the World of Avatar without providing unique cuisine native to this incredible moon. As such, you can count on finding delicious and one-of-a-kind food throughout this area of the park. At the Satu’li Canteen, you can enjoy the familiar and healthy flavors of whole grains, vegetables, and protein served in completely new ways that you will love. Have the food delivered to you so you can make the most out of your time on Pandora.

The World of Avatar is one of those classic Disney World attractions with no age restriction because it does not matter who you are, you will find fun and value in spending a day here. For the best experience that Orlando has to offer, visit Walt Disney World and Pandora The World of Avatar Orlando in particular.

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