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Orlando in May

Everything is great in May; there’s fewer crowds, great weather, and amazing local festivities. And best of all, you can get great discounts at all the major attractions in the city. If you have been to Orlando before, you’ll probably know how great it is not standing in long queues in front of your favorite attractions or getting stuck in the traffic, which makes visiting Orlando in May an amazing experience!

Festivals and Special Events

Another thing about Orlando which makes it more appealing right before the tourist season kicks in is the festivities and special events. One of the most popular festivals is the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. It takes place in Epcot, which is inside Walt Disney Resort. It starts at the beginning of spring and goes all the way through May. Celebrate spring with your favorite characters, Goofy, Chip, Dale, Miss Piggy, and others. The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is all about flowers, gardens, topiaries, live music and includes many elaborate games and contests which visitors of all ages get to enjoy. The Garden Rocks Concert Series will keep you entertained during the festival.

Farm to Table Dinner in Lake Wales is another lively event full of food and fun and also takes place in May. Fresh produce straight from the garden will land on your plate. Salads, dessert, and drinks will keep you happy the whole evening.

Orchid Show and Sale in Merrit Island is another event that celebrates orchids. Buy orchards during this three-day event and get tips from the experts about how to grow these beautiful flowers.

Other festivals that take place in May include St. Johns River Festival of the Arts, Lego Star Wars Day, Art Stroll and Gallery Walk and many others.


We all love getting stuff at a discount. Even saving a few bucks on a product or a service makes us feel good about ourselves; it’s human nature. And May brings a lot of discounts at all the top attractions in Orlando. Here at Vacome Luxury Rentals, we also offer great discounts for your trip. Contact us today to plan your perfect May getaway to Florida! Book Now!