One Week Orlando Itinerary

One Week Orlando Itinerary

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One Week Orlando Itinerary

Packed to the brim with world-famous theme parks and unforgettable attractions, it’s easy to see why millions of people flock to the Orlando area to vacation every year! But with so much to do, where do you possibly start? Today we’d like to give you a few ideas for places you need to make sure are on your one-week itinerary for your next great Orlando vacation:

Take a Trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth

C’mon, let’s be honest here… How could we possibly talk about taking a trip to the Orlando area without mentioning visiting Disney World? Bringing smiles to the faces of its visitors for almost five decades now, the “Most Magical Place on Earth” is home to amazing attractions, sights, and experiences that you truly cannot find anywhere else. Regardless of whether you plan to spend a day or your entire week, Walt Disney World in Orlando is one stop you need to make sure is on your weekly itinerary.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Florida for Yourself

Take a minute, close your eyes, and picture something for us: How do you see yourself spending time outdoors while in Florida? Now, we’ll guess that the majority of you probably envisioned yourself lying on the beach soaking up the sun, right? While that may be incredibly enjoyable, there’s actually much more to Florida than meets the eye! Florida is known for its many natural springs, many which are part of nature parks. If you want to explore the natural beauty of Florida close to your vacation rental, visit the Tibet-Butler Preserve, which features a 3.6-mile long trail that will let you experience lakes, swamps, pine forests, and more!

Take a Thrilling Hot Air Balloon Ride

Beaches, theme parks, swamps—there’s just so much to see in the Orlando area. How can you possibly pick and choose? Well, how about seeing them all at once! Orlando Balloon Rides is one of the fastest rising hot air balloon operators in the world, and they offer a number of different options to experience Orlando from the skies and help make memories that will last a lifetime.

Regardless of whether or not you want to brave the crowds at one of Orlando’s many theme parks or escape by taking a beautiful hike, Orlando truly has something for everyone! Similarly, Vacome has something for everyone as well! Vacome is the premier rental property company in the Disney area, and we have a number of elite properties all throughout the area and are ready to help find the perfect one for you and your family’s next unforgettable vacation. So don’t hesitate – contact us today!