Old Town Kissimmee

Old Town Kissimmee


Old Town

Just a few miles from the glitz, glamor, and spectacle of Orlando’s large theme parks is a quaint snapshot of the America of yesteryear. Old Town Kissimmee FL , a 1950’s-themed ode to “Main Street USA,” is 18 acres of classic Americana, from quaint Mom and Pop shops to classic car shows to carnival rides and Midway attractions. The entire family will enjoy this relaxing trip back in time while you explore the unique collection of shops, eateries, rides, and family-friendly entertainment.

The Land Before Time

Open daily from 10 am to 11 pm and located in Kissimmee, FL, just a few miles from your vacation rental, Old Town couldn’t be closer while being any further removed from the hustle and bustle of 21st century America. The pace of life is slower here, the people friendlier, and the trees lining the brick streets somehow greener. With over 70 eclectic shops the entire family will have fun browsing for souvenirs at Wild Billie’s Gifts, perusing classic rock memorabilia at Skully’s, trying on classic celebrity apparel from Filthy Rich (think Marilyn and Audrey Hepburn), and styling at the hippie haven of the Groovy Store.

Rides and Attractions in Old Town Kissimmee

Old Town is more than just shops, however. The classic Ferris’ Wheel offers astonishing views of Central Florida from each of its custom-made gondolas for as far as the eye can see. Kids young and old alike will enjoy the arcade games at the Happy Day Family Fun Center, and the brave at heart won’t want to miss the spooky thrills of Mortem Manor, two stories of terror featuring animatronics, live actors, and guaranteed chills. There is also a classic shooting gallery, a hall of magic, and many other classic Midway attractions. Live music can be found at the Trophy Row Stage, Karaoke beckons the shameless, and every Wednesday night the car show features different classes of premium automobiles, from classic American muscle to stylish modern imports.

A Square Meal

All that shopping and adventuring is sure to work up an appetite, and Old Town does not disappoint. With full-service restaurants, quick cafes, and chic bars and lounges, it isn’t hard to find the perfect food or drink for your mood. Check out the classic American fare at Southern Breeze, put a smile on everyone’s face at Flipper’s Pizzeria, or check out the new sports bar, Frogger’s Bar and Grill. There is also Chinese food, Tex-Mex, and any other cuisine you can think of. If you’re looking for a snack, Kissimmee Popcorn’s incredible selection and Auntie Anne’s fresh pretzels are sure to hit the spot (choose your favorite dipping sauce!), while A&W offers old-timey burgers and root beer floats sure to please. The Beef Jerky Outlet is a must for anyone who likes meat, smoke, or spice – or all three. Their small batch jerky comes in a wide range of cuts and flavors and makes great gifts for the folks back home.

Old Town Kissimmee is just a short drive from your vacation lodgings. Whether you come for Sunday night movie night, the Wednesday night car shows, or just to stroll the quaint streets for an afternoon, the whole family will love this trip back to the America of yesteryear.

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