Snowing in Celebration

Now Snowing in Celebration, Florida


We love our location in the Orlando area, especially when the rest of the country is dealing with freezing temperatures and slushy, frozen streets. But without the winter weather, there is no chance for a white Christmas, and for some the snow is an integral part of the celebration. If only we could have tropical temperatures and still enjoy a white Christmas; wouldn’t that be perfect? Luckily, it will soon be snowing in Celebration, Florida, and early predictions are that the snow will occur nightly from November 30 until December 31st!

Making Dreams Come True

Celebration is a planned community located not far from Disney’s doors, offering a taste of the past in a modern world. Designed to make neighbors become friends and friends to become family, they celebrate Christmas with a nostalgic edge. Carolers dressed in Dickensonian garb stroll the streets, live shows with Christmas themes help keep the spirit alive, and horse-drawn carriage rides add a touch of romance to the picture-perfect holiday festivities in Celebration. Train rides a la Polar Express, visits and pictures with Santa, and an ice skating rink in which wearing shorts while gliding across the ice is a common occurrence add to the merriment of the holiday. Spend some time shopping in the Enchanted Boutique, picking up gifts for friends and family who didn’t join you on your fantastic holiday getaway. A giant Christmas tree in the center of the neighborhood, light shows that are colorful and creative, and more street performers help complete the picture of perfection. Finally, every night at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, & 9:00, the skies open and snowdrifts onto the landscape below; the fantasy of a white Christmas will literally become everyone’s dream come true in Celebration!

The Best Part of Every Holiday Visit

The Christmas festivities won’t have to end when you leave the fun of Celebration as you point your car in the direction of your Vacome holiday hideaway! Baking cookies in our fully equipped kitchens, watching Hallmark Christmas movies on state of the art televisions, and enjoying all the luxury amenities that are an integral part of our properties adds an extra shine to an already glittering Christmas experience. Reserve your holiday getaway today!