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Awesome New Attractions at Orlando

Many of our guests are repeat ones who come for the theme parks that dot the Orlando landscape. Year after year after year they arrive in droves, suitcases rolling behind them and with hearts beating in anticipation of the rides they have ridden a thousand times before. Never bored, but always ready to try something new, the theme parks in the area know who their target customers are, and while they know not to mess with the tried and true, they love to dangle the carrot of something new in front of guests. If you consider yourself a superfan, this guide to the new attractions at our Orlando parks should make your hearts beat faster!

Toy Story Land

Offering all the charm of the movies you’ve loved for more than two decades, Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is bound to be a favorite for superfans of all ages!

Fast and Furious – Supercharged

Universal Orlando Resort is home to this new movie franchise ride which is garnering rave reviews from all who experience it! Easy to find, turn at the Dodge Charger parked out front and spent the next little while experiencing the Fast and Furious world for yourself!

The Great Lego Race

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that LEGOLAND is the home of this sweet new virtual reality coaster, nor do we have to mention how much fun your children will have while riding it! Billed as the first VR coaster designed for kids, the Great Lego Race is exciting and fun without being frightening to the more timid members of your traveling party!

Infinity Falls

Today’s SeaWorld is about more than the conservation of the creatures of the sea. Also offering exciting rides, Infiniti Falls is the latest and greatest ride to grace its grounds! Featuring a 40-foot waterfall drop, it’s the perfect ride for a hot summer’s day; plan on getting wet, so be sure to wear your waterproof mascara!

Ray Rush

Because summer is our favorite time to visit the parks, your visit to Aquatica Orlando will be enhanced (and much cooler!) with the new Ray Rush water adventure! Featuring a four-person tube and some of the coolest water slides, this summer thriller is about to be our favorite way to stay cool!

Outside the Parks

While you are guaranteed to have a blast at the many theme parks in Orlando, your best times during your Florida getaway will occur right here in one of our peaceful and luxurious Vacome
homes. Reserve your Vacome home here and discover the joys of the perfect vacation experience!