Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament


Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Sit back for a moment and allow me to tell you a tale of a time where men clad in armor fought bravely on steeds of beauty and grace, meeting steel with steel on the battlefield with nothing but bravery in their hearts and a desire to fight for what’s right. A time of nobility, of brutality, and through it all a simple hope to emerge from the battlefield victorious, so when all is said and done they can feel the rush of the crowd roaring and screaming their name in victory!

Got your attention? Well, what if we told you that you could experience this all for yourself and more! That’s right, you can! If this sounds like something you need to experience on your next Orlando vacation, make sure to visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament!

Witness Knights of Yesteryear Battle in Honorable Combat!

At Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, you will truly take part in an entertainment experience unlike any other! Epic battles of steel and steed will unfold in front of you as legendary knights test their mettle in real jousting to determine who will be the Royal Court’s Champion! But when the jousting isn’t enough, these knights will return to the field of battle to partake in sword fighting duels, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Choose your champion wisely and cheer him on to victory!

Enjoy a Delicious Dinner Fit for Royalty

Now, the fine people at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament doesn’t expect you to cheer on your champion to victory on an empty stomach! When you visit, you will be treated to a 4-course meal that’s fit for royalty such as yourself, as well as your choice of spirits to go along with it (if the young prince or princess is of age, of course). The royal court meal features an amazing fresh-cooked meal with roasted chicken, soup, garlic bread, and more! But never fear if you’re not a fan of delicious cooked meats, as the Royal Court also has a number of vegetarian meals at the ready as well. This food is the perfect accompaniment to the action unfolding in front of you and will truly create an experience that is unforgettable!

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