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Medieval Times Dinner in Orlando and Tournament

Watching medieval battles play out on your television may be exciting but experiencing them firsthand is a thrilling experience that only Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament can provide.This unique attraction is one of the most popular destinations for travelers new to Orlando, Florida. Not only can you see firsthand how these battles will commence but you will do so while dining on a decadent feast.

A Battle of Champions

Several different events take place at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament for your viewing pleasure. First off is the exhilarating Battle of Champions where knights of different of allegiances show their strength in stunning battles. Do not fret though, as these battles are not as gruesome as the movies and are perfect for kids of any age! Different weaponry will be used based upon the knights’ preferences, including swords, lances, axes, and more. See which knight will become a man of legend.

Jousting Matches

A knight can never be too far away from his horse, so witness exciting jousting matches where each knight attempts to knock the other off of his horse. These thrilling matchups start with knights on opposing sides of the pit who race towards one another at full speed. See who will become the queen’s champion!

A Queen’s Feast

When dining in at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, make sure to come hungry. Each guest will be provided a four-course meal that is fit for royalty. Enjoy freshly prepared entrees, sides, appetizers, and dessert all while you sit comfortably from your table viewing the exciting matches below. Your favorite libations and spirits are also available so the adults will not go thirsty.

Enjoying the Show

Make sure to reserve your experience at Medieval Times Dinner in Orlando and Tournament before you visit their exciting venue. Reservations can be made online with specific timeframes available to pick. Each reservation includes access to the four-course meal, drinks, a two-hour jousting tournament, live demonstration of a royal falcon, and the battles of champions between six knights. This attraction fills up quickly, so plan ahead before your trip!

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