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There are many things to love about our beautiful and exotic state. From the sandy beaches and warm weather to the theme parks and friendly people, Florida is a place that is unique in its wonder. And one of our favorite things we love about our home state is the realization that we are home to the heroes that changed our world: the astronauts that risk everything in their quest to explore space. The Kennedy Space Center, located on nearby Merritt Island, is where it all began. Planning a visit during your Orlando getaway is highly recommended!

Space Commerce Way, Merritt Island

The Kennedy Space Center in Orlando is spread out over many acres and offers an extensive variety of attractions, exhibits, and events that will take several visits to see it all. The one thing EVERYONE wants to see, however, is an actual launch, and if you visit the Kennedy Space
Center website, they offer a schedule of launches so you can schedule your vacation to coincide with one.

Aside from the launches, the center is divided into zones, each one designed to lead you through the space explorations in the order in which they occurred. Also offering opportunities to meet the astronauts, explore the Rocket Garden (a parcel of land on which you will find replicas of the vessels you’ve read about all your life) and get a chance to visit the control center where the men in white shirts and black ties waited to hear the words of the men who were challenging destiny with those early flights into the unknown! You’ll be able to walk through exhibits of spacesuits through the years, peruse artifacts brought back from moon explorations, and watch history happen on the big screen in the Lunar Theater. As we continue to explore space, we can remember the magic again while watching the film clips of the first steps on the moon.

And finally, the Behind the Gates bus tour of Kennedy Center gets you “backstage access” to forbidden zones the public won’t get to view. If you are visiting when there are no launches scheduled, you’ll still get an up-close and personal view of a launch site during this fascinating tour. Tickets begin at $41 for children, $50 for seniors and military, and $57 for adults; they can be purchased in advance on the Kennedy Space Center website.

Prop Your Feet up and Relax After Visiting the Kennedy Space Center

There’s a lot of walking to be done during your visit with heroes, and when you get back to your Vacome vacation escape, no one will blame you for wanting to slip out of your shoes, sink into one of our comfortable couches, and prop your feet up on the coffee table! Reserve your Vacome Vacation Home today and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground after visiting the stars.