Holiday Celebrations at SeaWorld


The holiday season is speeding in faster than a BMW on the Autobahn, and for many people, as much as they love the idea of the holidays, the reality can be something to dread! Spending too much money, working too hard on meals that are devoured in minutes, and having to deal with that grouchy Uncle Harold who does have a good heart, but if he complains ONE MORE TIME—well, you get the picture, and it’s definitely not a pretty one. But that’s ok because we have an idea that will bring the thankfulness back to Thanksgiving, give the merry back to Christmas, and help you welcome the new year with a brand-new outlook. This year, you should spend the holidays at SeaWorld!

Grateful for a Break

We’ll be honest here, in many places Thanksgiving is just the starter pistol going off for Christmas celebrations, and while SeaWorld doesn’t offer anything specifically Thanksgiving oriented, isn’t getting a break at this most harried holiday worth the getaway? Spend the day exploring aquariums, getting up and close and personal with the creatures of the sea, and of course, shopping for souvenirs that will also make great Christmas presents for those poor family members back home that didn’t see what a great idea going to SeaWorld for Christmas was! And don’t forget to enjoy the incredible sunny weather Orlando is so happy to provide; that’s enough to be thankful for right there!

Festive and Fun

At Christmas, the sparkle of SeaWorld shines even brighter, and while the weather may not offer a white Christmas, the merry feelings in your heart will be apparent! SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration starts November 23rd and lasts through December 31, features millions of sparkling holiday lights, an exciting Sesame Street Christmas Parade, and the opportunity to meet the star of the holiday in the Wild Artic! Ice shows, Rudolph, shopping, and delicious foods at any of the vendors in the park will make this Christmas one to remember!

Happy New Year!

Can you believe how quickly this year has gone by? We blinked and the calendar is about to change to 2020; spending the end of 2019 at SeaWorld is the perfect way to round out your year and start a new one fresh! December 31st is the last day of their Christmas Celebration, so if you have just arrived, enjoy the cooling embers of the Christmas season with all the items listed above and then, as the night draws to a close, a musical extravaganza and a fireworks spectacular will become your favorite way to say adios to the old and a great big hello to the new year that is sure to be filled with happiness, prosperity, and love!

Still Missing Something?

Although your extended family members are not with you for this holiday, you can still feel the warmth and excitement of the season with your own more intimate celebration in one of our luxurious and cheerful Vacome homes! Reserve yours today and discover the joys of the holiday season in Orlando!