Holidays at Legoland

Holiday Celebrations at Legoland


The holidays are coming, and even though you and your family are always overjoyed to celebrate each special day, they can still fill you with dread when you start to remember all the work that accompanies each festivity. From shopping and spending too much money to cleaning and spending too much energy on cooking and spending too much time, for the grown-ups, this time of year is more about work than joy and thankfulness! It’s no surprise that many people choose to travel during those times, and if you are one of those lucky travelers who find themselves heading towards Orlando for the holidays, you might want to head towards Legoland as well and make your children very happy as you do!

Is it Christmas at Thanksgiving?

Your very happy children just might think Christmas has come early as they walk through the gates of their own personal Nirvana on the most thankful day of the year. Unlike Disney or even Universal Studios, there isn’t a holiday rush, allowing your entire family to enjoy the experience as you ride the rides, watch the shows, and say a silent prayer of thankfulness that you aren’t barefoot and it’s not the middle of the night. As parents ourselves, we feel the pain of rogue Legos under bare feet at any time of the day, but that’s not something you will have to worry about here!

Merry and Bright

It should be no surprise to learn that Christmas is when Legoland really shines, and again, because of the lack of holiday crowds, it feels as if all the celebrations are just for you and your family! Starting on the Friday after Christmas, weekends and the last 11 days of the year are filled Christmas spirit. Holiday shows, a glimpse inside Santa’s workshop, and a Christmas Tree Spectacular starring the beauty of a 30-foot-tall Lego tree are just a few of the activities you can expect during your Christmas visit to the park. Meeting Lego Santa and his toy soldiers is an extra perk that will thrill children of all ages; you have to admit, no matter how old we get, believing in Santa is still a guilty thrill!

Happy New Year!

Yes, even on New Year’s Eve, Legoland offers fun and frivolity, including a fireworks show at midnight! Can you think of a better way to greet the new year than watching the sky explode with the colors of fireworks? We can’t, but if you’re not convinced, maybe the midnight brick drop is just quirky enough to entice? Dance parties, building activities, and the last chance to see any of the shows that you missed out on at Christmas conclude the old year and the festivities that accompany it.

Holidays are Even Better with Vacome

As if all of the above wasn’t great enough, staying in one of our luxurious Vacome homes adds an extra sparkle to your holiday activities. Start planning your journey to Orlando with us today!