Grinchmas at Universal Orlando


All About Grinchmas at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

We’re not exactly sure what it says about us, but our favorite Christmas story has always been “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!” Sarcastic, funny, and heartwarmingly special, we still cry when the Grinch hears the townspeople of Whoville singing angelically and his heart starts to grow! In a world filled with serious issues, isn’t it nice to take an hour or so and get away to a made-up world where even the loss of all things Christmas isn’t enough to kill their holiday spirit? If you are like us, you’ll be excited to know that this year, you, too, can go to Whoville and celebrate Grinchmas with Cindy Lou and the badly dressed green man himself! Universal Studios offers a Grinchmas experience which will make your own heart grow three sizes!

Beginning November 18th and Lasting Through January 6th

Seuss Landing holds a special piece of our heart, especially during Christmas, when the celebrations of Grinchmas begin! This Who-liday extravaganza is a live reenactment of our favorite story, and even includes a live dog playing Max for all the animal lovers out there. With colorful costumes, vivacious actors, and a set that makes the non-animated movie version look staid and dull, Grinchmas is guaranteed to be the show you never forget!

And even though they don’t provide a meet the cast after each performance, don’t be surprised if you run across some of the characters as you explore Seuss Landing before or after the show! We hear that even the big man himself can be found at the Seuss Landing Bookshop, and if you catch him after his heart grew, he will gladly pose for a picture and maybe even give you his autograph!

Holiday Cheer and a Little Bit More

There are no reserved seats for this extravaganza, but due to bleacher seating, there are no bad ones either! Admission is included in the park admission fees, and the shows air regularly throughout the day. If you miss one, chances are you can catch the next one in about an hour; your park map will give you the times.

Welcome Christmas

There is no better way to welcome Christmas than by celebrating the holiday in your own luxury Vacome Christmas escape! Reserve yours today and take some time to meet Cindy Lou Who and the Grinch who discovered how to love!