Grapefruit League is Here: Here’s What You Need to Know


Spring is upon us once again! That means that the temperatures are getting warmer, the snow is melting (hopefully!) and that baseball is almost upon us once again. As we wait for Major League Baseball to begin in a few weeks, we wanted to give you an update about watching spring training baseball in the Grapefruit League.


The Grapefruit League takes place every year in Florida. Fifteen of the MLB teams travel to sunny Florida to tune up their veterans, give the young guys a new shot, and see how the offseason trades will affect their chances to go all the way. This leads to some extremely exciting baseball. You will be able to see new faces go up against old ones, new teams battle for position, and the beginnings of historic seasons.

Florida Teams

The Florida Grapefruit League brings teams from around the U.S. to play in the same state for a month straight. Only during spring training will you be able to see the Atlanta Braves play the Detroit Tigers and then travel only minutes to see the Pittsburg Pirates play the St. Louis Cardinals. The Grapefruit League brings in 15 MLB teams to play within miles of each other.

The Florida Stadiums

Florida is a great place to play baseball. The temperatures are beautiful this time of year and the stadiums built for spring training are perfect to get out and enjoy it. The stadiums are all state of the art and built specifically for spring training. The grounds crews at each of the 12 different facilities take their spring ball very seriously and keep these facilities in tip top shape. The majority of the stadiums lie on Florida’s Gulf Coast on the western edge of the state with three more that lie on the eastern side. No matter what part of Florida you are in, you are only a short drive away from great baseball. Don’t forget to check out Disney Wide World of Sports for your Atlanta Braves spring training fix!

The Spring Training Season

Spring training only runs for a little over a month. The season started this year on February 25 and will run until the end of March, when the MLB teams will travel back to their respective homes and get ready for the long 162 game season. Make sure that you see your favorite team while they are still in town, or maybe even plan a trip to see them play before the spring training season ends.

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