Forte at the Reunion Resort

Forte at Reunion Resort


Forte at Reunion Resort

Our favorite part of vacationing in a resort is the availability of all manner of luxury amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, and in the case of Vacome vacation rentals in the Reunion Resort, high caliber restaurants serving haute cuisine quality meals. Forte at Reunion Resort is one such restaurant, serving classic Tuscan style dishes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere—although they do serve dishes from other regions as well—making it difficult to consider trying any other restaurants in the area!

An Upscale, Welcoming Restaurant

Elegant, yet not pretentious, the décor of Forte Restaurant is rich and classy. Deep red and dark orange walls interspersed with stone columns give the place a feeling of timelessness, while the leather booths keep it cozy and comfortable. Well trained servers are knowledgeable and know how to strike the balance between attentive and harassing; a good meal is a social opportunity as well, and constant interruptions, no matter how well-intentioned they are, can be disruptive and even annoying, something that never happens here. Come get a taste of class at 7593 Gathering Drive in Kissimmee.

The Menu

On top of covering dishes from Tuscany, they also offer many of the classic dishes from other regions that we all have grown up with. Appetizers such as crab stuffed mushrooms, meatball forte, and zucchini chips are the perfect way to start your evening meal. Dinner is your only option, as Forte restaurant is only open evenings starting at 5:30. Continuing with a soup and salad course, Forte offers a soup of the day and minestrone, as well as fresh and innovative salad creations; the Caprese salad is our favorite!

If you still have room, the choice of entrees will make your taste buds smile. Enjoy flatbreads topped with every variation of meat and veggies possible, pasta such as Wild Mushroom Ravioli, fish and shrimp dishes, and of course, a grill section that contains veal, New York strip, and a thick and juicy filet mignon prepared exactly the way you like it best. Also offering a sweet dessert menu and an extensive wine list, a meal at Forte is more like a touring taste of Italy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Guaranteed Leftovers

Even people with the largest of appetites are going to have enough food to take home and enjoy later, and sharing a leftover dessert at the breakfast bar of your Vacome vacation escape is one way of guaranteeing sweet memories of your Orlando vacation. Reserve yours today and discover the difference between simply having a place to rest your head and living like a local in luxury and comfort!