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Escape the Cold Winter Months in Our Cozy Condo Rentals


It probably isn’t cold yet in your hometown. The air may be turning crisper, the trees are probably filling the landscape with a kaleidoscope of multi-colored leaves, and the sight of young women going about their business in their sweaters with pumpkin spice lattes in hand is a welcome reminder that you are living the dream of your favorite season. In the dark corners of your mind, however, your worst nightmare is sitting there, waiting patiently, knowing that the calendar pages are turning. Before long, the gloomy, cold days of winter will arrive. But what if you took a little break in the midst of all that darkness? What if this year, you chose to escape the cold winter months with an Orlando visit and a seasonal stay in one of our Vacome cozy condos? This could be the year your nightmare becomes a dream from which you hope to never awaken!

Just the Right Size

It’s been just the two of you for a while now; the kids are grown and have families and lives of their own, so there’s no need for a massive home with multiple bedrooms. The life of a snowbird is a simple one, spent resting, relaxing, and if you’re in Orlando, exploring the tropical landscape that surrounds you. Our condos allow you to lead the lifestyle you want, without having to spend all your free time cleaning up after yourselves. Toss the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher of our fully equipped kitchen and spend a morning exploring the blissful beauty of Mead Botanical Park. In the afternoon, laundry needs to be done, but never fear; our units also come with washer and dryers that make this task a simple one, leaving you free to release your inner child to the extreme excitement of the happiest place on earth. One of the perks of reaching this stage in your life is knowing you can do whatever you want. There aren’t any rules except one: You have to enjoy every minute of your seasonal stay in our fabulously appointed and charmingly intimate condominiums!

Comfortable, Stylish, and Yours for the Winter

Our condos are designed to make your seasonal stay in the Orlando area the best you’ve ever had. Reserve your condo with us today and spend your winter in the sun, forgetting the cold temperatures and gloomy days of your hometown!