By elisfkc from Orlando, FL, United States (Rivers of Light - Soft Opening - February 12, 2017) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Rivers of Light

About Orlando

Disney Animal Kingdom’s “Rivers of Light”

Throughout the multiple parks that make up Walt Disney World, you will find more to do and see then you will anywhere else in the world. You can find it all: easygoing rides, heart-pounding roller coasters, amazing shows, great food, interactive games, and a whole lot more. The Animal Kingdom is one out of the four of Walt Disney’s parks, and it brings all of these aspects together with a focus on celebrating the wonders of nature. One of the greatest examples of a true show is the nighttime showing of “Rivers of Light” in this amazing park.

About the Show

As the sun sets, Discovery River bursts with life in a show of light, water, and sound. The focus of the show is the interconnectedness of all living things on Earth. This is demonstrated in spectacular fashion with vibrant light displays of fireflies, elephants, panthers and more, gently floating alongside one another. With these illuminated animals comes an eastern festival practice accompanied by elegant storytelling, which helps the animals come to life for those watching. People of all ages absolutely love the show.

In this incredible display of light and water, you are transported across all the lands of the Earth to take in their animals and cultures as never before. There are also ways for you to get in on the action with your very own lights that are synchronized with the show! It is an experience that will induce a feeling of oneness with nature, but it is also just plain visually captivating.

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