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Disney Springs Food Trucks

As our worlds evolve, there are more than a few things we’ve learned that makes life that much simpler: gray hair can be beautiful, men can be stay-at-home dads, and gourmet meals can be found on food trucks! Gone forever is the stigma of construction site food of questionable standards; today’s food trucks allow us to try a variety of unique meals, and because overhead is low, prices remain reasonable as well. Fast becoming the most popular type of “restaurant,” even Disney is jumping on the food truck bandwagon with their Exposition Park convoy of Disney Springs food trucks and music found in Disney Springs!

Food Choices That Will Make Your Stomach Smile at Disney Springs Food Trucks

The selection changes daily at Disney Springs, but the quality remains high, as is par for the course for Disney. Allowing each member of your traveling party to choose the meal that appeals most to them, guests can expect to find everything from shrimp & lobster macaroni & cheese to steak bowls filled with avocado crema, pico de gallo, beans, queso fresca, cilantro, radish, lime, and of course, grilled steak. Vegetarians can enjoy a vegetarian bowl filled with all their favorite and most colorful veggies, children will be happy with their hand-dipped corn dogs and waffle fries, and everyone’s inner child will be pleased with the Nestle’s Mickey Ice Cream Bars offered for dessert!

Also Offering an Extensive “Over 21” Drink Menu

It’s hard not to be happy when surrounded by live entertainment and tasty food, but when you’re a part of the Disney family, there is never such a thing as too much happy—which is where the drinks menu comes into play! In addition to bottled water and other G-rated beverages, food truck guests over 21 can sip on beer, wine, or their favorite cocktail! Offering a variety of flavors of margaritas (We can’t get enough of the Playful Peach Margarita!), Mai Tai’s, and Florida Mules, every adult thirst will be quenched!

An Experience for All Ages

Perhaps our favorite part of Exposition Park’s food truck convoy is the knowledge that the entertainment provided is perfect for all ages. Appealing to the very young, the very old, and everyone in between, your evening of food and fun will be a memorable one. And when the last waffle fry has been consumed, the bottom of your Stella Artois has been discovered, and the final notes of the night’s musical entertainment have faded away, the best part of your evening is still to come! Coming home every night to your Vacome luxury escape promises to be the highlight of your Orlando getaway. Reserve your luxurious rental with Vacome today!