Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove


Discovery Cove

You cannot define the city of Orlando with one type of experience. It is a unique place that is host to an incredibly diverse culture, some of the most well-known theme parks around, beautiful flora and fauna, wonderful clubs and theatres, and so much more. It is a land of endless attractions, and one of the most unique of these is Discovery Cove. This park allows for the one-of-a-kind experiences of a tropical island without needing to leave the rest of what Orlando has to offer.

Incredible Experiences

This is an amazing place because there is nothing artificial about your experience here. You are interacting with the world, resulting in a day that is full of amazement, joy, and learning. The most famous experiences here is the chance to swim with dolphins. During this 30-minute interactive adventure, you get to wade with the dolphins coming face to face with these animals, touch them, and even hold for a great ride. You will be accompanied by a trainer so you can learn more about these incredible creatures.

This is a special experience, but there is so much more to love about a trip here. This day resort is all-inclusive; you will have all the food and drinks you want. You can also enjoy all the beauty throughout this tropical ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel among thousands of incredible fish at the Grand Reef. You can become friends with industrious otters and marmosets at the freshwater oasis. Find thousands of beautiful birds and their sweet melodies when you take a short hike into the wilderness of Explorer’s Aviary. You can also find many relaxing ways to spend a day from sitting on the beach at Serenity Bay or slowly floating down the Wind-away River.

Wonderful Vacation Rentals to Top It All Off

Whether you visit Discovery Cove for an action-packed adventure or for a day of supreme relaxation, it is always good to have a lovely vacation rental to come back to afterward. The good news is there is no shortage of amazing vacation rentals in the area surrounding Discovery Cove. While these accommodations are plenty, people often do not know where to look to find them. Well, working with Vacome Luxury Rentals is the surest and simplest way to find a vacation rental that you will absolutely love. Pick between exquisite mansions, cozy condos, and everything in between. You can be sure that our wide array of available properties all provide the utmost in quality and luxury!