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Crayola Experience Orlando

Tips & Ideas

Orlando is a great place to visit, largely because of its endless attractions. Of course, the theme parks are at the center of it all, and rightfully so when you are at the home of Walt Disney World. But there are many more incredible ways to spend a day throughout the city, like the Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall. This is a celebration of color unlike anything you have ever experienced, where you can enjoy wonderful sights and also partake in one of a kind activities.

Incredible Experiences

Everything here is focused on providing hands-on fun. That is why you will not find many presentations or lectures, but you can learn through playing. There are 26 exhibits that each give you a unique way to work with color. Of course, the main event is an opportunity to do some classic coloring with the endless crayon options. You will have access to every color you could ever imagine. Some of the most fun exhibits are those that deal with melted crayon wax. With this wax, you can find opportunities to build sculptures, create drip art, and create paintings unlike ever before.

Crayola Family Experience
Crayola Scribbles

For those that need to burn a little energy, you will want to visit the amazing Crayola playground. Part obstacle course and part work of Crayola art, kids are sure to have an exciting time zigging and zagging through the paint bridge and wiggling up the melted wax tower.

For very young kids, take advantage of Toddler Town! You can also learn how crayons are made and wrap your very own crayon, so you can remember your Crayola experience forever.

Finally, insert yourself into the Crayola universe by starring in your own coloring book. Hop in the photo booth and be immortalized along with some classic Crayola characters. Nothing offers a day of fun quite like 70,000 square feet all dedicated to fun and the adventure that color provides.

A Great Family Experience in Orlando

The motto here is to color outside the lines. It is an experience that is focused on fun and your uniqueness. You could certainly spend an entire day here, but it generally keeps families busy anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. It is the perfect activity for anyone who wants to go off of the beaten path that is the theme parks of Orlando. Make sure you check out the Crayola Experience the next time you take a trip to this incredible city.