Character Dresser

Character Dresser


Character Dresser

Traveling to Orlando, Florida with kids means moving towards a destination that brings both the memories and the magic to your family. The team at Vacome Luxury Rentals understands that giving your child the Orlando trip of a lifetime might include a little glitz and glamor. No matter where you stay with us, here’s how you can set up your unique character dresser experience!

Make a Magical Appointment

Character Dresser services are booked on an individual appointment basis. Any time of any day during your stay, you can schedule a royal one-on-one with a character dresser between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. Once you’re booked, simply relax in the comfort of your rental home and get ready for your child to be pampered like a princess. Character dressers arrive right on time and then the magical fun really begins!

The Grand Transformation

Much like a magical Fairy Godmother, character dresser representatives arrive at your residence with gifts in hand. Depending on the package you have purchased, character dressers will present your child with a high-quality princess gown, sparkling tiara, royal sash and necklace to complete the authentic princess look. Your princess-to-be is invited to take a seat of honor while she is done up to a level fit to meet a prince at the next ball. Character dressers are happy to finish off the princess look by adding some makeup and an up-do complete with faux-ringlets to highlight those shining accessories.

Doll Dress Up

When you travel, it’s very likely that a special doll travels with your child, too. Not to be forgotten in all the magical fun, a matching princess dress can be included in a character dresser package. Have your child bring their favorite friend along and once they’re dressed in their princess best, it’s time for the doll to be decked out as well. Everything a princess has, her doll can have, too. Giving your child and doll companion matching makeovers is a sure way to make your stay in Orlando an unforgettable adventure.

Royal Treatment

When it comes to adding that something extra to make your trip memorable, you can’t go wrong with booking a character dresser during your stay. Convenient, fun, and adding a touch of fancy to your child’s vacation experience, a character dresser keeps you on schedule while letting your child’s inner princess shine!