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How to Enjoy Your First Vacation of 2020 in Orlando

As the calendar pages flip over to reveal a new decade, you may be feeling a little less than excited. The holidays are over, winter is hitting hard in your hometown, and the sunny days of summer seem to be well out of reach. The best way to get over a case of winter blues, […]

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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 in Orlando

As March draws close, the first signs of green everywhere don’t always have to do with the promise of spring. St. Patrick’s Day is coming, and in Orlando, we all become Irish, if only for a few days! The celebrations start early, as this holiday falls on a Tuesday this year, but because you have […]

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Romantic Couple

Romantic Activities for Valentine’s 2020 in Orlando

In our opinion, there is nothing more romantic than actually feeling warm on Valentine’s Day, and if you are from an area that’s still freezing cold in February, we are sure you will agree and will be planning something accordingly for your own special Valentine! Perhaps Orlando is in your plans? If so, we at […]

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Snowing in Celebration

Now Snowing in Celebration, Florida

We love our location in the Orlando area, especially when the rest of the country is dealing with freezing temperatures and slushy, frozen streets. But without the winter weather, there is no chance for a white Christmas, and for some the snow is an integral part of the celebration. If only we could have tropical […]

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Orlando New Year's Celebration

New Year’s 2019 in Orlando

As the last year of the decade draws to a close, you may be feeling a touch of impatience. It’s not every December 31st that you bid farewell to the end of a decade, and it seems as if you should do so this year by doing something special. We agree! Throw out your dressy […]

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Stetson Mansion

Stetson Mansion Christmas Tours

People who have visited Orlando during the holidays know that the area celebrates Christmas like any other. There are endless unique opportunities that come with the holiday season, but one of the best is certainly the Stetson Mansion Christmas Tours. The Stetson Mansion is an iconic building in Central Florida. Built in 1886, it was […]

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Holidays at Legoland

Holiday Celebrations at Legoland

The holidays are coming, and even though you and your family are always overjoyed to celebrate each special day, they can still fill you with dread when you start to remember all the work that accompanies each festivity. From shopping and spending too much money to cleaning and spending too much energy on cooking and […]

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Gaylord Palms on Ice

Visit Gaylord Palms ICE! When in Orlando

Generally, the only ice that you think will be involved in your Florida getaway will be the cubes in your tropical beverage, but at Christmas, you might be missing the winter wonderland that you’re used to during this heart-warming holiday. You came to Orlando to get away from the grey slush and bone-chilling temperatures, but […]

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Disney World Holidays 2019

Holiday Celebrations at Disney World

The holidays and all the stress and work that can accompany these most wonderful times of the year are just around the corner. Are you ready? From cleaning to cooking to shopping and more cleaning and cooking, every minute of every day for the next couple of months is sure to be jam-packed. But some […]

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Holiday Celebrations at SeaWorld

The holiday season is speeding in faster than a BMW on the Autobahn, and for many people, as much as they love the idea of the holidays, the reality can be something to dread! Spending too much money, working too hard on meals that are devoured in minutes, and having to deal with that grouchy […]

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