5 Reasons to Visit Orlando for the Winter

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5 Reasons to Visit Orlando for the Winter

During the winter, some people choose to find a place with snow and snowboarding, but many more people head for climates that do not endure the harsh temperatures. Orlando is one of the most visited places in the country due in part to the beautiful weather, but there is so much more to love about this city during the winter. The following are some of the top reasons to visit this wonderful city during the winter.

Winter Weather Like You Have Never Seen in Orlando

Typically, Orlando experiences highs in the in the high 70s and lows in the high 50s, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors like you cannot in other regions of the country. This year, however, Orlando experiences a crazy winter freeze! Of course, there’s plenty to do in Orlando to avoid the cold weather, but it can’t stick around forever; soon, we’ll be back to our warm days enjoyed outdoors!

The Theme Parks

This is not specific to winter in Orlando, but this city maintains its title as the theme park capital of the world regardless of the season. You can enjoy the classics like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Harry Potter World. You can find all of the same fun as you can throughout the rest of the year, but these parks come to life during the winter with the most amazing lights displays you have ever seen.


Orlando is widely regarded as one of the best golf destinations in the country. This is especially true during the winter when countless snowbirds flock to this golf haven. During the cool months of winter in Orlando, the greens are perfect; you couldn’t ask for a better time to play!

The Best Water Parks You Will Find Anywhere

Winter might not seem exactly like water park season, but it certainly is in Orlando. You can find some of the best water parks in the country throughout the city. Aquatica is the most popular water park around, especially for the ‘Dolphin Plunge,’ one of the most exciting rides you will ever find, as you plunge through transparent tubes while dolphins swim around you.

Air Balloons

Again, this is not an activity that is exclusive to the winter time. Orlando is home to some of the best hot air ballooning services in the country, and it is always a good time for a blissful ride. But a sunset or sunrise float is always best suited for the winter time, as this is when you will catch some of the city’s most vibrant skylines.

Regardless of the time of year, you will find an amazing vacation destination in Orlando. But the winter offers opportunities that you will find nowhere else and at no other time in Orlando. Make sure you consider this amazing city for your next winter vacation.